Dr. Maria Dragoș

Dr. Maria Dragoș

Dentist – Endodontics Department, General Dentistry


Endodontics Department, General Dentistry

University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” Faculty of Dental Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • Making coronary restorative therapies using classical and modern modeling techniques and layering, using silicone key for. Previous restorations, for stamp technique. posterior restorations;
  • Zumax achieve microscope using endodontic maneuvers and manual preparation and rotary systems (Mutual Blue), closing the root thermoplastic hot vertical condensation using SybronEndo Free Elements system;
  • Making maneuvers restorative crown-root pivot fiberglass and temporary restorations;
  • OPT achieving radiological maneuvers, CBCT, retro;
  • achieving maneuvers of ductal laser gingivectomy and disinfection Epic Biolase;
  • 2019 – Congress MaraMedica Baia Mare “Dental occlusion – Priority in oral rehabilitation”
  • 2018 – Congress Dental Club Brasov: “Challenges and solutions in complex oral rehabilitation”
  • 2018 – Symposium of dentistry Denta Sibiu
  • 2018 – Transilvania Congress of Dentistry
  • 2017 – Course and workshops fillings “direct recovery techniques in anterior morphology” – Dr. Sergiu Muresan
  • 2016 – Course and workshops fillings 2016: “Direct Posterior Composite” – Dr. Sergiu Muresan, Dr. Dan Lazar
  • 2016 – Course endodontics “endodontic treatment and retreatment. Fundamentals of Clinical endodontics with a total of 60 hours theory and practical applications “- Dr. Camille Ianes, Dr. Zeno Florita
  • 2016 – Course endodontics “Endodontic treatment from simple to complex”
  • 2016 – Course “prosthetic restoration of teeth with endodontic treatment” – Dr. Bogdan Baldea
  • 2016 – Course “adhesive systems in current restorative dentistry” – Dr. Roxana Ilyich
  • 2015 – Course “Everything about isolation with rubber dam” – Dr. Constantin Cazacu, Dr. Nicolae Cazacu
  • 2015 – Course “minimally invasive restorations using adhesive Giomeri” – Dr. Maria Ear
  • 2014 – Certificate for involvement in the campaign “Smile Romania” – Victor Geus
  • 2013 – Course “Current concepts on mechanical plaque removal” organized by Colgate and OSS team Cluj-Napoca Dean Dr. Radu Septimius Campian
  • coronary achieve restorative therapies using classical and modern modeling techniques and layering
  • Challenges and complex solutions in oral rehabilitation
  • Direct techniques to restore the anterior morphology
  • "Endodontic treatment and retreatment. Fundamentals of Clinical endodontics
  • The endodontic treatment of simple to complex
  • Root canals
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