Patient policies

To ensure a long lasting relationship we have listed patient policies guidelines. It is important to know your patient rights.

Terms and Conditions

MedDent.co.uk promotes dental services of Romanian stomatological clinics and is not responsible or doesn’t offer any guarantees of the medical services offered by the clinics.

The Romanian clinics and stomatological cabinets own the legal certifications and accreditation from Romania and EU and they offer the guarantee of medical services, being directly responsible of the medical services.

Our approach and your rights

Med Dent places the utmost importance on effective communication with our patients. Our consultants will fully explain all treatment options to you. Information leaflets covering all of the procedures and services offered by Med Dent are also available in patient areas and upon request from staff. These leaflets may also be sent to your home address prior to your arrival if you prefer.

Patient consent

Every patient has the right to make their own decisions regarding dental treatment. In order to make decisions, the patient is entitled to receive full information about treatment options, the identified risks and intended outcome of any treatment or procedure. Consent may be written, verbal or non-verbal, depending on the requirement for consent. If you feel that you have not received sufficient information regarding your treatment or procedure, please speak to a member of the team before your procedure takes place.

Confidentiality Policy

Dental records are collections of sensitive personal patient information compiled to allow dentists and other dental health care providers to provide dental treatment, continuity of care and maintain optimal standard of care. Original dental records compiled by a dentist are the legal property of the dentist. Patients have athelegal right to examine and copy their records and to control the use and dissemination of the information contained in their records. Dentists require patients to provide complete, accurate and intimate health details in order to provide safe and effective treatment. Therefore, ownership of original dental records obliges the security and confidentiality of the information contained therein, which may be developed only with the permission of the patient, except when otherwise required by law. Patients have the right to control disclosure of their dental records to others. Release of information must be informed; must be specific and for a one-time event; the patient must be afforded the opportunity to review that information requested and being released prior to the transfer and with the opportunity to withdraw prior consent; must not be used for any purpose other than the primary and specific use requested; and must be with the patient’s permission, preferably in writing. Patients are entitled to receive dental care in a confidential setting, free of third party intrusion. Release of patient information to third parties must adhere to the basic principles of confidentiality and patient rights outlined above, with the intention of enabling patients to review any and all third party benefits to which they may entitled. Patients may be unaware of the information third parties may have access to under broad based consents to release dental record and the scope of this information may exceed the needs of third party to determine benefits. It becomes the responsibility of the dentist and other dental health care providers to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their patients. Where a third party has received patient permission to use information from the patient’s dental records for financial audits, all patient identity and unrelated information (e.g. health history, personal information) shall first be removed from the records. No third party may demand access to patient dental records (including financial records) except with specific patient consent in writing, by legal statute or by court order.

Special requirements

We recognize that everyone has individual circumstances and needs, and this forms the basis for planing your care. Please make staff aware of any special requirements you may have.

Emergency care

In the rare event of an emergency, we can assure you that our emergency team is fully trained and competent in life support. We undertake emergency scenario testing on a regular basis to ensure that our team remains skilled in the area of emergency care.

Liability insurance

Med Dent has full professional liability insurance policy that covers damages to the patient caused by the non-fulfilment, improper fulfilment or delayed fulfilment of obligations by dentists, exclusively during the performance of activities from the scope of the dental medicine (dentistry). A dentist (DMD) is a health care professional that has completed a dental programme of study and is registered in the Register of Dentists kept by the Croatian Dental Chamber and to whom the Chamber has granted a license to work. Our insurance policy also includes any liability of the dentists for damages arising in the scope of professional activities, which the damaged person suffers as a direct consequence of the possession or use of medical equipment. The policy also covers liability for damages arising as a result of team activity (e.g. during a procedure by a team of multiple dentists). The professional liability insurance coverage per event is up to 150,00 EUR per dentist, with an aggregate annual limit of 300,000 EUR per dentist.

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